Jästbolaget – your partner for custom yeasts

Jästbolaget has extensive contract manufacturing experience, supplying custom yeasts for a variety of applications. A professional partner right through from the development stage to industrial production, we can be relied on to produce the required quantity and quality of your specific strain.

High quality

If you are looking for a reliable partner to produce a particular strain of yeast, Jästbolaget has the resources, expertise and experience to deliver a product of consistently high quality. Our in-depth understanding of the manufacture of all types of yeast enables us to offer bespoke solutions for both pilot and full-scale production.

Modern development lab

Our plant outside Stockholm is equipped with modern propagation and laboratory facilities where we develop production methods for custom yeast strains right through from laboratory to industrial production. Our propagation techniques are based on traditional raw materials for yeast production, such as molasses, ammonia, trace elements and vitamins.

An independent producer

Unlike many other yeast manufacturers, we do not market our own custom speciality products. This means that we are a supplier, not a competitor, and that our speciality yeast production is reserved exclusively for our contract customers.

Rapid and flexible service

Thanks to our efficient and flexible organisation, we can guarantee rapid and punctual delivery of custom products in the quantities you require.

Highest standards of food safety and quality control

Besides meeting regulatory requirements, our production is based on HACCP food safety principles and the Orkla Food Safety Standard (OFFS). We are also BRC (food safety) certified.

Our production is also kosher-certified and GMO-free, and we use no animal products or allergens.

Environmental sustainability

Our environmental policy goes further than required by Swedish law, and we continuously refine the way we work to reduce the environmental impact of our operations. Besides minimising carbon emissions, energy consumption and waste, we recover energy from the fermentation process so that it can heat local homes, and by-products from production are turned into natural fertilisers.

Competitive prices

Besides the quality and reliability that are so important with custom yeast products, you will find that we also offer highly competitive prices in comparison with other suppliers.

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