Product and services

Jästbolaget produces and develops yeast and yeast-based products for bakeries, industrial food producers, winemakers, brewers and distilleries and for home baking. We also offer contract manufacturing of unique strains of yeast.

Consumer products

Our range of consumer products consist of fresh yeast, dry yeast and sourdough.

Our three types of fresh yeast – KronJäst för Söta Degar (Sweet Dough Yeast), KronJäst för Matbröd (Bread Yeast) and KronJäst Ekologisk (Organic Bread Yeast) – are widely available from retailers in 50 gram packs. The first two are also available as dry yeast in sachets.

More recently we have developed our KronJäst Surdeg Råg (Rye Sourdough) and KronJäst Surdeg Fullkornsvete (Wholewheat Sourdough).

Packaging line Kronjäst

Yeast for bakeries and industrial customers

Our fresh baker’s yeast is available in three forms: block, crumbled and cream.

Crumbled yeast consists of flakes with a higher dry matter content than normal fresh yeast. Its finely granulated structure means that it dissolves more quickly, which can have advantages in production, especially at bakeries with yeasting stations.

For large bakeries, a ready-to-use cream yeast can be delivered by road tanker, simplifying handling at the bakery. We can also supply cream yeast to medium-sized bakeries in containers. A liquid product normally results in more efficient handling at the bakery and reduces the environmental impact because there is no packaging.

We also supply dry yeast, which has the advantage of a long shelf-life and no need for refrigerated storage.

Dough kneading

Contract manufacturing

If you are looking for a reliable partner to produce a particular strain of yeast, Jästbolaget has the resources and expertise to help develop and manufacture a high-quality, consistent and dependable product to your unique needs and specifications. We manufacture yeast under contract for winemakers, brewers and distilleries internationally and currently supply around 15% of the world market for wine yeast. We also produce yeast cultures for animal feed, mainly for cattle.

For more information on contract manufacturing, click here.

Wine barrels


Acrylow is a patented yeast strain. A natural product that reduces the formation of acrylamide in food. The European Commission is actively working to find ways to reduce consumers’ intake of acrylamide, a substance that occurs in heat-treated foods and poses a potential health hazard.

Products covered include bread and bakery products such as cakes and biscuits, coffee, potato snacks, breakfast cereals i.e. The active yeast strain, Acrylow, contains the natural enzyme asparaginase which reduces the formation of acrylamide. The product can be used in full-scale production and reduces the acrylamide content by up to 93% depending on the category and product.

More information can be found here. For ordering, please contact KåKå.